Each season, the Downtown Detroit Parks come alive with a number of unique features — including beautiful landscaping, flowing fountains, historical monuments, flourishing gardens, winter activations, comfortable seating, a variety of innovative dining options and activities that appeal to every age and background.





  1. Visiting the park when closed.
  2. Feeding birds or other wildlife.
  3. Operating drones in the parks or in park air space, even if licensed to operate.
  4. Attaching or affixing items to park signage, trees, plantings, poles, fences, or structures.
  5. Camping, grilling, cooking, use of candles, or having open flames of any kind within the parks.
  6. Participating in unofficial organized sports.
  7. Riding skateboards, hoverboards, segways, rollerblades or bicycles.
  8. Riding, staging, or parking of all electric and/or motorized scooters.  
  9. Leaving children unattended or unsupervised.  
  10. Obstructing park entrances, exits, and walkways including the entrances and exits of park restaurant and concessions facilities.
  11. Smoking, including use of vape pens or electronic cigarettes. 
  12. Consuming alcohol, unless provided by park concessionaire.  
  13. Coolers, backpacks, duffle bags, or luggage of any kind.  
  14. Possessing or using drugs or other illegal substances. 
  15. Playing amplified sound, performing or busking, conducting in commercial activities, distributing materials, or vending without a rental agreement or prior permission from the Downtown Detroit Partnership.  For more information on renting the parks, click here.
  16. Hosting an event, photoshoot, flashmob, or party (regardless of size) that involves outside decor or furniture, food and beverage, floral arrangements, or any other kind of props or equipment without prior permission from the Downtown Detroit Partnership. For more information on renting the parks, click here. 
  17. Use of third-party event or prop service companies without prior permission from the Downtown Detroit Partnership.  For more information on renting the parks, click here. 
  18. Commercial film or video shoots without a location agreement or prior permission.  For more information on renting the parks, click here. 
  19. Loitering, panhandling, posting signs, or sleeping. 
  20. Climbing on monuments, fountains, public art, sculptures, or trees.
  21. Entering plant beds, gardens, or water features.
  22. Picking flowers, entering flowerbeds, or removing plant material from the parks.
  23. Relieving your dog in plant beds or on park lawns.  Dog relief and exercise areas are located within Grand Circus Dog Park and Capitol Park Dog Park only.  You must pick up after your pet.
  24. Rummaging in trash or recycling receptacles.
  25. Glass containers. 
  26. Using obscene language or gestures.
  27. Fighting, yelling, throwing of objects, or disorderly conduct of any kind.
  28. Littering. 
  29. Spitting.
  30. Tagging, graffiti, stickers, gum, or affixing of any damaging material to park assets.
  31. Discriminatory or racist, sexist, ageist, or ableist language or behavior of any kind. 
  32. Nudity or acts of indecent exposure. 
  33. Dumping, including liquids or ice, into plant beds or park common areas.
  34. Erecting tents or other structures, staking into lawns or plant beds, or driving poles or flags into the ground.
  35. Use of confetti, silly string, glitter, bounce houses, or Piñatas.  
  36. Balloon or paper lantern releases. 

The City of Detroit is committed to protecting First Amendment rights of its citizens in all parks and has established policies that assure the protection of such rights. 

For groups of more than 25 people who desire to engage in leafleting, petitioning, solicitation or demonstration activities, please request a permit from the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department at 313.224.1100.

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